Ezra Miller Fashion Analyses, Part I


Ezra Miller pulling his best “Johnny Depp in almost every role he plays” impression.


In other news, Ezra Miller needed clothes to attend an awards ceremony so he did what any rational human being would do: mug Pee-wee Herman and a young ring-bearer at a local wedding ceremony. Judging by the smug look on his face in this photo, he tricked the two oblivious nobodies next to him that he was actually wearing Valentino.

PETCO assisted with his perm after he successfully convinced the stylists with his acting abilities that he was, in fact, a cocker spaniel.


ezra miller’s red carpet checklist:

  • feather from a random bird of prey: ✓
  • rainbow LGBTQ button one can find at Hot Topic: ✓
  • A Chinese Rui Fu Xiang-inspired long-sleeve velvet robe that you can literally buy at a street corner on Canal St. (this is probably true): ✓
  • prayer beads: ✓
  • a hair brush:
  • coherency and logic:

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