Ezra Miller Fashion Analyses, Part II


Ezra Miller’s OkCupid profile picture.


Ezra Miller in a photo sent to the casting director for New Girl. He wanted to play Zooey D’s character but failed to attract the appeal of the producers, who felt he wasn’t “manic pixie dream girl” material, but just “manic”. Despite this pitfall, he still continues to wear the flower crown he made with items from the Dollar Store’s trash boxes. He plans to sell a few on Etsy this coming season.

Miller also filed a lawsuit against fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, claiming that her online magazine Rookie stole his ingenious hair piece concept. No word from Gevinson as of yet.


Shocking New York City residents everywhere, a bootleg, mafia boss-ferret-alien creature who looks remarkably like actor Ezra Miller showed up at the red carpet premiere for The Ides of March. 

Judging by the photo above, he seems to be using the self-made, “Occupy Wall Street” publication in his hands as legitimacy papers (his notion of a “relic of the masses”, apparently), but it’s obvious that he found it on the sidewalk somewhere after he fell to Earth from whatever planet that dutifully accepted – well, for awhile – his existence. As expected, he didn’t fool anyone. The fur wasn’t even real.

Snoop Dog was the only person brave enough at the premiere to approach him, and was overheard saying to Miller, “Yo, that’s a dope jacket.”

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